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At Premier Technology Group, we are a single source solutions provider with extensive experience in the electrical and low voltage market place. In business now for over ten years, we cater to the higher single-family, multi-family and light commercial markets.  We provide consultation, design & project management to clientele who appreciate high quality and want to incorporate new technologies into their projects.

Our focus as a company is to provide the best customer experience in the industry. We achieve our focus by coupling effortlessly controlled technology systems with a professional, enthusiastic, and brilliant staff of engineers, designers, project manager, technicians and more.

Featured Projects

Featured Product

2014 Premier Technology Group Holiday Guide

At Premier Technology Group, we are a handful of system designers, engineers and technicians that strive to bring our clients the utmost satisfaction when it comes to their technology systems. We are pleased to announce the release of our first ever PTG Holiday Guide. This guide houses the products that have stood out and surpassed our expectations in the past ...

The Benefits of a Curved Television

Curved televisions are designed to make viewers feel more immersed in the action of what is going on on-screen. Their curved designs provoke the viewer’s peripheral vision, igniting a panoramic effect that brings about the sense of a larger picture. Most curved televisions also come equipped with a depth enhancer, which gives the viewer a 3D image on a 2D ...

The Importance of a Camera System.

Camera systems can provide invaluable protection for your home or business. They can deter would be burglars by just being noticed, send recorded video clips to a smartphone whenever they detect motion, allow home or business owners to see who is at the front door and even capture license plate numbers and faces. As technology is ever evolving, so are ...

Savant Systems' New Smart Series

Savant Systems recently released their new Smart Series Line, in which packages start as low as $1,500. The new packages include the brand new Smart Host, a remote and a controller. With the new Smart Series line, home and business owners can multiple rooms to their system starting at $1,000.00 each. The Automation company also has an Android interface due ...

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